Quiet time without distractions

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I’ve found that it can be pretty hard to spend time with God without being distracted like looking on your phone, or looking out of the window, or first thinking “let’s have some quiet time with God” only to find myself again standing in the kitchen cooking (I LOVE to COOK!) or doing other “more interesting” stuff.

Here’s my method to spend time with my heavenly Father in peace and quiet.

What do you need?

  • A Bible (no, a Bible on your phone doesn’t count)
  • A mat where you can sit on, this will be the place where you’ll sit
  • Grab some tea or coffee
  • Set up some worship music

What you don’t need:

  • Your mobile phone
  • Any other distractions

If you feel that you have to do something, like going to the bathroom or to eat something, do it now, don’t let it disrupt your quiet time

To prepare, collect some topics, bible verses or reading plans that you want to read, write it down on a piece of paper or use your printer to print out the topics (don’t use your phone) and keep in mind that you will spend your quiet time on the mat, so make yourself comfortable.
It would be good to pray first to ask God for guidance, here’s a prayer suggestion: 
Prayer Model

Now sit on your mat with your bible and only the things of your list,

Other suggestions:
If you have a noisy house, set up some background noise, like for example: Rains sounds

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